Dry Ice

Dry ice, the frosty wonder that adds a touch of magic to your order!


This ultra-cold substance keeps your treats perfectly frozen during transit, ensuring a fresh and delightful experience when they reach your doorstep. Please note that for safety reasons, dry ice can only be ordered alongside another product from our delectable selection.


Elevate your ice cream enjoyment with the chill of dry ice – it’s like having a winter wonderland in every delivery!



  • Always handle dry ice with insulated gloves as dry ice is -78.5°C and may cause cold burns if prolonged skin contact.
  • Dry ice is non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-conductive.
  • Do not ingest dry ice.
  • Do not allow unsupervised children near dry ice.
  • Do not store or pack in completely airtight containers. The sublimation will cause any airtight container to expand and possibly rupture or explode.
  • Intentional misuse of dry ice may be harmful or fatal. Always use extreme caution where handling dry ice.


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